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Nilesh Qualified from the University of East London in 2002 has worked in Private Practice and within the NHS for many years and has built up a loyal patient list over the years

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acupunctureContact Physiotherapy is a respected Therapy Clinic in Preston, UK, offering various natural routes of relieving musculo-skeletal and other Orthopaedic dysfunctions. Reviving the centuries old methods of treating muscular problems, we have a team of dedicated Therapists who put their patients' needs first. The highly trained therapists are capable of combining various therapies to bring out the most positive results.

The methods used during these therapies have been scientifically proven to improve one's mental and physical health conditions in the most effective manner. Apart from treating chronic pains, the therapies have empirically shown improvements in concentration levels, sleeping routines etc. The therapies we offer have both long-term and short-term benefits. Some of the therapies are Acupuncture therapy, Hydrotherapy, Electrotherapy and many more.