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Nilesh Qualified from the University of East London in 2002 has worked in Private Practice and within the NHS for many years and has built up a loyal patient list over the years

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Hydro Therapy

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Hydro Therapy

hydroContact Physiotherapy is a trusted Hydrotherapy Clinic In Preston, UK. Since 2009, we have been providing this much service to treat various health issues. Our therapy involves the use of the properties of water, such as temperature, buoyancy, drag, hydrostatic pressure for therapeutic purposes such as to reduce pain, reduce swelling, promote early weight bearing and promote joint and tissue mobility.

hydroHydrotherapy can in many ways assist rehabilitation and we often use hydrotherapy to assist recovery following surgery such as Total Knee Replacements, Total Hip Replacement, Spinal Surgery and Shoulder Surgery. We also use Hydrotherapy to assist in pain management and promote mobility for example in Arthritis. One of the benefits is that we can promote functional movement to allow early weight bearing for example promote walking, strength and conditioning after injury or stroke. This procedure also helps in relieving stress, headaches and improves sleep.

At our Hydrotherapy Clinic, we organise an assessment to go through the information and discuss the approach and provide a collaborative rehabilitation programme to meet your needs which will be supervised by a Physiotherapist. If you are suffering from any of the above mentioned conditions, call our team to organise an assessment for you at our Hydrotherapy Clinic.